Drop Weight Tear Tester

Product Details:

Drop Weight Tear Tester 

With the rising demand of high strength steels, steel manufacturing industries need a robust and accurate Drop weight tear tester. Admech customizes the fully automatic PLC controlled DWT T that works at maximum energy level of upto 120000 Joules and tests the specimen as per ASTM E436-71T, API-RP 5 L3, ASTM-E208 & EN 10274 standards.


Increase in the demands of high operating pressures of line-pipes and larger diameters, further increase the
demands of high strength steels. This drives “ADMECH“ for the development of higher strength Drop Weight Tear Tester (DWT T) that delivers for the maximum energy level upto 120000 Joules. The Drop Weight Tear Testers measure the fracture characteristics and ductility of steel specimens according to ASTM E436-71T, API-RP 5 L3, ASTM-E208 & EN 10274 standards. Excellent results are committed with fully automatic PLC controlled DWT T with Hydraulic Shock Absorbers for drop weight tear testing of “Specimen“ according to the standards ASTM E436-71T, API-RP 5 L3, ASTM-E208 & EN 10274



  • Maintenance Free
  • Fully Automatic
  • Smooth Operation
  • Electrical and Mechanical Safety Interlock
  • High capacity hydraulic shock absorbers
  • Hydraulic device for specimen placement
  • Specimen Feed In - Out by Hydraulic / Pneumatic Cylinder