Motorized Dual Arm Coil Lifter

Product Details:

Mechanical Dual Arm Coil Lifter 30 T


The Motorized Dual Arm coil Lifter is designed to lift coils
in a horizontal position. The tongs are robustly engineered
for heavy duty application to meet the severe demands
of steel- and aluminium rolling mills. The crane operator
controls the entire lifting process from the crane cabin,
by placing the tong above the center of the coil. By
raising the coil, the gripping arms close automatically.
The electrical circuit to the control box is carried out by
plug-in connection. This enables quick removal of the
tong from the crane. The suspension assembly is designed
to accommodate standard crane hooks. The standard
suspension is fixed by a pull pin. Customized suspensions
on request.



  • Self Balanced Design
  • Purely Mechanical
  • Low Maintenance & High Performance
  • Convenient for Hot & Cold Coils, reels or pipes
  • Built in Sensors, limit switches
  • Optimum Load bearing capacity
  • Provisoned with Coil Edge Protection