Manual Dual Arm Coil Lifter

Product Details:

Manual Dual Arm Coil Lifter are also known as Movable Dual Arm Coil Lifter.


Movable Dual Arm Coil Lifter 

Moveble Dual Arm Coil Lifter are available up to 250Tons

SWL/WLL with a design safety factor depending on the load

cycles per day of usage. These type of coil lifters are useful

for steel service centers who need to handle coils. The arms

distance can be adjusted to suit the coil width but the

tonnage of coil can be up to maximum designed coil

weight as per customer/user requirement. The coil lifter

requires less aisle space and hence space saving which is

critical for service centers who are situated in cities where

space is at a premium.



  • Self Balanced Design
  • Purely Mechanical
  • Low Maintenance & High Performance
  • Convenient for Hot & Cold Coils, reels or pipes
  • Built in Sensors, limit switches
  • Optimum Load bearing capacity
  • Provisoned with Coil Edge Protection